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Miscellaneous semi-candid shots

img_2832 * Smokey and the Bandit
img_2837 * Guest speaker Dr. Eun-Chung Park (NIH)
img_2836 * James Westbrooks in action
  Smokey and the Bandit  
  Guest speaker Dr. Eun-Chung Park (NIH)  
  James Westbrooks in action  
img_2821 * James Westbrooks in action
img_2822a * James Westbrooks in action
  James Westbrooks in action  
  James Westbrooks in action  
img_2842 * Donaldson cave
  Donaldson cave  
img_2846 * In the Donaldson cave
img_2849 * In the Donaldson cave
img_2851 * In the Donaldson cave
  In the Donaldson cave  
  In the Donaldson cave  
  In the Donaldson cave  
img_2854 * Between world and underworld
  Between world and underworld  
Copyright © 2007, Purdue University, all rights reserved.
Photography by Lev Gorenstein and James Westbrooks
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